Start your New Beginning

Flair basic is easy and ready to use device that allows superior vaping experience. Just attach your favorite pod and it is ready to use e-cigarette.

LED Power Indicator LED Power Indicator
Click-in Liquid Pods Click-in Liquid Pods
USB Charger USB Charger

    Flair Infinity Basic Kit (Black)

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    Device Information

    1. Flair pod mouthpiece

    Insert a Flair pod to use. Not included in the basic kit.

    2. Flair Device

    Just plug the flair pod and start vaping. No other setup required.

    3. LED Light

    LED light indicates power status of the device.

    Green: Battery is fully charged

    Yellow: Battery is 45%

    Red: Charging required.

    4. Magnetic Base

    Starter kit contains magnetic base which goes in to magnetic enabled USB Charger.

    5. Magnetic Enabled USB Charger

    Connect this USB Charger to Power source such as laptop, desktop computer, USB wall charger, power bank, etc.

    Our Quality & Standards

    Quality and safety are our top priorities. We adhere to high category standard and technology across device, ingredient and vapor testing standards. To ensure our commitment to quality, consistency and safety, many tests are carried out.