WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Flair Vapor is devoted to providing each individual locate the most advantageous style of themselves through innovative alternative of cigarette. If you have a consumer reach or you can provide a better platform to society/to those adult smokers who can find a way to adapt to vaping in their routine then we'd love to connect with you! Enormous individuals have discovered their freedom from smoke-odor to lead a confident life with Flair Products. This is your opportunity to be a piece of something positive and satisfying. We have been appraised as one of the top affiliate programs for the vaping industry.

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Situate yourself and grow your business with one of the best ranked, US-based vaping company, FLAIR VAPOR. Our team has been working on creating the long-lasting powerful batteries, propriety blends and amazing flavors that has been the most favorite vapes in vaping community! While most brands are out sourcing their production and putting their own label on product and loose the control over quality of product, we here at flair vapor keep a close eye on the product we are manufacturing and selling to maintain the quality and standards.

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  • Cookie length is now 30 days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Linking :

Many of our Affiliates have common questions about our approaches. Let’s elucidate the strategies to have a clearer communication channel, if you’re rookie to the partnership model, deep linking is when you link to flair product on your platform (for example your social media account or website). Sometimes it’s known as product level linking. Yes, we let you do this.

Cookie Window :

Cookie duration is another common question. This basically refers to how long your cookie stays on a browser. Flair Vapor’s default cookie duration is 30 days.

Average EPC :

EPC or Earning per click vary according to your promotion method and traffic. EPC also depends on average order value and conversion rate. By driving quality customer traffic with high purchase intent can result in higher EPC.

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Advance the Flair product that best fit your crowd - either on your site or social media pages - and we will reimburse you for that reference traffic! It's that simple! We appreciate that your traffic is significant and you have numerous choices for accomplices, however we work with you. We offer a serious, adaptable pay structure that will compensate you for valuable and qualified traffic!

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