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Flair Infinity Basic Kit (Black)

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Flair basic is easy and ready to use device that allows superior vaping experience. Just attaché your favorite pod and it is ready to use e-cigarette. Flair Infinity Device has its unique ability to deliver a desirable vaping experience. It’s easy to operate with extraordinary features. Unique style and design allows superior experience like never before.


● Satisfying vaping experience
● Battery life lasts longer
● Ready to vape

  • 1-Rechargeable Flair Infinity device in the color Black
  • 1-Flair Infinity Device USB charger
  • 1 Year limited warranty
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4.8 102 Reviews
  • Henry Nieves

    When it stick to the USB adapter, feeling of perfect product design awakes. Nice little companion.

  • Chris Leyda

    Really long lasting vaping device. I had to purchase it again, due to lost of my device.

  • Susan Rivera

    It is non slippery in hands. Matte black finish make this product really premium. Flair really made it worth.

  • Taylor Kannengieszer

    Solid construction. It really holds the pod better than others. Easy to charge with my laptop and really blends with my electronics gadgets.

  • Cody Henel

    Nothing compared to this black little e cigg. really love it.

  • Zion White

    This new color is fantastic. Black is always my favorite. I reall like the way it glows.

  • Jack jacob

    I better suggest to buy with 8 sample pods. It will take you to the world of flavors. Some of them are really exciting. If you have already stick with the flavour, the product is ok.

  • Tim

    Very nice

  • Cameron Henry

    Not as per last experience. It is working fine and quality is improved with time. Color finish is also professional. Worked as per expectation.

  • Michael

    😋😮 Nice finish and high quality product.

  • Hunter Keenan

    Compact and easy to use.😮😮😮

  • chris Moretto

    Strong and Slim

  • Akram Dimaandal

    Fantastic and Unique!👍👍😘😘🙃💖💖

  • Sakeb Largey

    Great quality fits better

  • Nathan

    Nice smell. 

  • Jacob Flynn

    Love it

  • andrew_billy12

    Excellent taste

  • Ryan Newton

    Fantastic thick cloud

  • Matthew Bishop

    Quality product!

  • Andrew Vargas

    Excellent product, amazing price.

  • Dagny Duane

    Not too good (3 star)

  • Chris Leyda

    It is perfect and slim

  • Lauren Klotz

    Works great. Also really glad to have one a little different so my BF and I don’t get our mixed up.

  • Jeffrey Maldonado

    Sometimes it is not works as per requirement

  • emily572

    Quite good

  • Chris Beader

    No extra accessories to carry. Just charge it attach a pod and ready to vape any where.

  • Chris Sloan

    A ++ quality

  • Jacob McGinty

    slim,light and easy to hold. You need an hour to charge and then vape.

  • Charles

    Like the color size and battery life.

  • dj Attal-Morich

    The devices keep on getting better and better in terms of durability and battery life

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