• Vaporizer Slim Oil Vape Kit Stainless Steel BIg Vapor
  • Vaporizer Slim Oil Vape Kit Stainless Steel

Flair Vaporizer Slim Oil Vape Kit (Stainless Steel)

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My CBD Vape Kit in Stainless Steel
650 mAh Big Battery Capacity
Discreet and Tiny Design ( 29*17*64.5mm)
Smooth Big Vapor
Magnetic Connection, Easy to use
Fit for most cartridges on the market

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At Flair vapor we are passionate about great taste. So you will always get the best.


Our experts have tested and tried thousands of flavors to bring you the most tasteful selection.


Flair's smart and stylish design made with smokers in mind gives more convenience when vaping.


4.8 16 Reviews
  • Mike sandobal

    Small and powerful. Don’t underestimate the capacity of this little device.

  • Jayne name

    Don’t go over the size of this device. It can provide total satisfaction as bigger device.

  • Racheal Chiodi

    I absolutely love this little device. A battery last a longer and it is not one of those huge vapes that you see people using . This device packs a nice vape experience. It is my go to and I will keep ordering for as long as it is available. comes in some very nice colors, I have a black, stainless steel and blue also. They are small but wonderful.

  • Victor Torres

    Love the size and amazing draw on it.

  • Caiden Wallace

    Pleasantly surprised! Interested to see how long a coil lasts.

  • Barbara Locascio

    This is light and non leaking device fits perfectly in my pocket. It is smooth on lungs and low on price.

  • Sal Hazlett

    I bought as a gift and well it was a big hit!

  • Tyler Brancato

    Totally new to vaping and love it! Bought a highly reviewed device and it was so complicated that I gave it away! This bugger is PERFECT for starters or anyone who wants a small, portable device.

  • Frank Meehan

    5 stars. It is wonderful.

  • Sue gahagan

    This little unit packs a powerful punch! This is my new favorite device.

  • Walsh

    I have several devices. But this is my favorite. This device is perfect for anyone who wants a great vape experience without a lot of maintenance. Battery has a good life too.

  • keyion Stewart

    This is by far the best $20 I could have spent!! Very easy to use, produces great clouds, huge battery life, easy to fill, very easy to change coils, very easy to fill the tank.

  • megh Dolan

    This is my 1st ever purchase of vapour kit. It is working fine and will only shop from flair.

  • Nikita Fioretti

    Such a fantastic mod, so much power in a tiny little body. I am really enjoying it. Works awesome and is really convenient. It charges really fast so if you’re busy like I am- this mod fits the lifestyle perfectly. Great price too.

  • Ryan mayfield

    FINALLY FOUND MY PERFECT VAPE DEVICE….Great throat hits, Great vapor, Great battery. really folks this is a great buy

  • Samantha Lane

    Finally, the perfect vape! Simple, compact, plenty of liquid storage, lots of vapor, great throat hit, long battery life, fast battery recharge

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